Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Change at the Cook Shack

I taught my first MusikGarten classes today! I had fun, and the children seemed to have fun. I was so nervous last night that I couldn't fall a sleep. I was worried about remembering the songs, and having enough energy for all three classes, and feeling like I should have never quit my job because what if I wasn't any good, and all the mothers decided they would rather pay 350 dollars and go to a studio downtown. And, the scaffolding that blocks the sun, has super bright neon lights that light up our room (like bright enough to read by, and we had our shades pulled.)

I woke Justin up at 2:45 and asked him for a blessing because my prayers just seemed to remind me of more and more things to worry about, and I was getting more and more unsettled and farther and farther away from sleep. I am so glad I know I can wake my sweet husband up at anytime, he of course isn't always pleased, but he does have the ability to fall right back to sleep and gave me permission.

Well, I did fall back asleep, with a scarf tied around my eyes so it could be dark, and the songs I had learned in the last month running through my head. Reuben woke up screaming at 5, so I went to check on him, and took him back to our bed where he instantly fell asleep between us. With one hand on his bear, and one hand on my back he spent the rest of the night sweetly sleeping. I spent the morning worrying and getting ready, and then each class came and went. I feel good about my skills, and am now going to go take a nap in my neon lighted bedroom.

Do you feel picture starved? I promise I'll take some tomorrow!


Rachel said...

I hope they finish the scaffolding soon so that you can get some sleep! What kind of songs do you teach at MusikGarten? Sounds like fun!

Jed and Kate said...

That's too bad you lost so much sleep before your first day with MusikGarten, especially since you are so good at those kinds of things! You are such a natural with kids and always did such a wonderful job in the nursery! You should feel fabulous about your skills and be confident that you are the perfect person for this job!

charrette said...

So excited for you to be teaching! And I totally understand all the nervousness beforehand. Thank heaven for good husbands who can instantly fall back to sleep.

Tammy Lorna said...

I'm really glad you're getting to do this Brecken! I think it's important to have little releases and oppurtunites to use and build on your talents (mind you, everything you do seems to be built on a wonderfully impressive talent!)
I'm looking forward to hearing more about your classes! Does Reuben come with you? or is someone looking after him for you?

xo Tammy