Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goodbye, Dear Friend

I use facebook for two things. My sisters and mom have a private group that we post things on... its private so you can't join... sorry, AND scrabulous. My relationship with scrabuloous was a little too addictive so I had quit cold turkey a while ago, but there was a time when I had several games going. And, I was hoping to go back to it when I thought I could exert more self-control.

Have you noticed that there is no more scrabulous on facebook? It wasn't an official version, and if you believe "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" the official Scrabble decided they didn't want to allow scrabulous because it would get too "cool" and loose its appeal.

Justin and I playing Scrabble with our board a few sundays ago, and I realized that the dictionary on scrabulous did to my Scrabble vocabulary what spell check did to my spelling ability. (Which means I used it too much as a crutch and what little natural strength I had atrophied.) I think Justin may have even beat me, which isn't surprising, but shouldn't happen very often.

Now I will check facebook even less. I made fun of my sister while she was here because she was constantly on facebook, but then she mentioned that I spend as much time on blogs as she does on facebook... so update your blog so I don't miss scrabulous!


Tara said...

Jon and I love Scrabble too. Actually he proposed with "marryme" spelled on the board. The only difference is that he ALWAYS beats me! I consider the game a success on my part if he doesn't double my score!

Mindy said...

I noticed because I had started a game with a friend before we left Idaho and went to pick it up when we got here and the whole game was gone. I bet it's some sort of copyright law. Have you ever played Scramble though? It's like Boggle which I love playing with my grandma. Only, it's too much fun like scrabulous. Sometimes you need things to look forward to in the day. :)

Ms. Reasor said...

Hasbro sued.

Tammy Lorna said...

Check my blog :) I wrote on it!

xo Tammy

charrette said...

I never played Scrabulous (because I hate MySpace and Facebook, which I lump together and call MyFace)! But come play with me online sometime at the Internet Scrabble Club. It's fairly addicting.

And someday when you come back to Utah for a visit we'll pull out my Super Scrabble with the quadruple word points. It's awesome!