Friday, July 18, 2008

My Birthday Present Came!

Justin has a very hard time keeping secrets from me. He wishes he could surprise me, but I manage to stumble upon his surprises all the time, or I have dropped so many hints that I am all but expecting it.

I routinely check for concerts, and then send Justin hints about the concerts I am interested in. So, when I saw DAR WILLIAMS I sent Justin the info through G Chat, and he typed, "Oh, I got you tickets for the Saturday show. Happy Birthday."

He did this so I wouldn't buy myself tickets because I love Dar that much.

The tickets came in the mail yesterday. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! (even if it isn't a surprise anymore.)


Tammy Lorna said...

Wait, when's your birthday? I haven't missed it have I?! I thought it was in September? or August? Grrr. I can never remember when it is!

xo Tammy

Justin said...

September 5th--the concert isn't until September 27th--the surprise was kept secret for about a day before Brecken found out about the concert and would have bought tickets for herself. :)

charrette said...

I am SO JEALOUS! We've been Dar Williams fans ever since The Honesty Room. I'd LOVE to see her live! Yay for Justin for thinking of you. Great surprise!