Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday I was asked to take a family picture of some friends. It was a huge complement, well, I took it as one. They may have just wanted my camera and not my skills. It was nice to take some photos that were a little different than I have been apt to taking lately.

This morning Reuben was raring to go to the park, found his shoes and sunglasses before we had even had breakfast.

Breakfast was eggs, green chili, ham and cheese with a little raisin bagel.

We left for the park, ran into some from friends from the ward and spent the next few hours playing at a few parks. Reuben doesn't ever run out of energy or tire of the playground, but when I told him that we could chase birds on the way to lunch he left with me. (Notice the absence of the word "home.")

After lunch, which he ate a lot of, he laid down in his crib. He quietly took off his clothes and his diaper, and fell asleep. No mess when he woke up, thank goodness. but a vehement refusal to use the potty.


JoJo said...

That picture is pretty much the funniest thing ever. Oh he has so much personality. We miss you Reub!

Oh and you, too, Brecken and Justin! ;)

charrette said...

Jordan used to strip down like that, too.
And refused to potty-train until she was 3 1/2.
So be patient.

Here's a funny story for you (a comment I left on BlogHer last week):

Holy Exploding Diaper, Batman!

Our two oldest shared a room when they were tiny. "Batman" was four, and "The Princess" was nearly a year. One night they were both fast asleep and we were in the other room working on the computer, when suddenly we hear a loud "POP!" and Batman calls out to tell us that a loud noise just woke him up and can we please come see what it was.... So we walk in and turn on the light and just start cracking up! There was The Princess, still fast asleep, but she had EXPLODED THE DIAPER CLEAR OFF! There was poop all over the walls, the crib, the floor, EVERYWHERE, and our little princess just slept right through it.

"Can you please clean it up?" asks Batman, rubbing his eyes. "It really doesn't smell good in here."

No kidding.

Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken - he's too funny :) I love it that you get to spend your days with such a wonderful little person.

And congratulations on the photo request - it is definately a compliment :)

xo Tammy