Friday, June 6, 2008

Incase everything burns in a fire... I will always have my blog.

I've always liked this photo. I didn't know myself then, but I'm betting I was a joy.

This was the turtle pool in Spokane. I remember being pretty content in the turtle pool. It had a slide. My parents still have the baseball helmet.

I loved to get my fingers stuck in the holes of the wicker chair. And I must have been concentrating because that is the only time I stick my tongue out.

I don't think my mother ever approved, but I loved to wear those dance/bicycle pants. And those shoes were navy blue and had a little tiny heel. I felt so grown up when I wore them. I got the basket for a birthday present, it was lovely. I loved that banana seat. I still think banana seats are the most comfortable bicycle seats. We used to ride the bicycles in the hospital parking lot across the street. The were outlets to plug in the cars in the winter.

This was a senior picture. A boy, who was cute called it the "Brecken Seductive Pose." I don't think I was trying for that. I think I was trying for "Pensive."

This is a wedding picture. Hard to believe it was December and lovely, but it was. I think I might be in the grow-my-hair-out mood again.

This is a photo of me and my baby. I think it is the most beautiful I look in any pictures I have ever been in. Its not my lovely lips (although they are pretty great), my great Breck Hair, my bright blue eyes, or fabulous legs, its who I am, and who I want to be. Too bad every photo can't capture that.


The Jones :) said...'re amazing!! You're adorable in all your pictures...but I like how you put it in the last one!! You're a great mommy...and I look up to you!! Miss you guys LOTS...and why are you thinking about fires!?!?! YIKES :)
-Becki :)

Lark said...

Your mother made that little girl swimming suit. And your dad went for a swim in that turtle pool.

Tammy Lorna said...

My favourite is the last one too :) I remember you both very well at the time the picture was taken, and have lots of fond memories :) So glad Reuben waited for me to get back to the USA before he arrived in the world.
The funny thing is that he still has the same expression in that photo as he has in his most recent photos :)
xo Tammy

Mindy said...

Do you have any more wedding pictures readily available? I'd like to see them. We had a beautiful December wedding too--freezing but we didn't seem to mind.

Mick said...

Wow! Your first husband was so clean-cut and conservative!

charrette said...

LOVE all those photos! At first I thought the top one was Reuben. And Justin looks so much like Jeff in your wedding picture. They are practically clones, just a generation apart.

The baby picture is wonderful. I have a similar this-is-who-i-want-to-be photo that Jeff took of me holding Jordan. Priceless.