Thursday, May 29, 2008

Washington DC: Day Five

We went to Old Town Alexandria, If we had more time we probably would have spent more time there. We went to the torpedo factory which is on the river and full of artist working or selling stuff. There was some pretty lovely things there that made us wish we were rich (or had more space to hang things, or unlimited shipping capacity to get some from my parents.) It was strange to thing that we were walking the streets where George Washington had walked. All the houses that were historic had flames burning in the porch lights, and it was a very lovely little walk. We had ice cream at Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor. The nicest thing was it was cute like NYC shops but there was enough room for a stroller. They were making ice cream in the back, while we enjoyed our sundaes (which were really affordable compared to what we have gotten used to.)

Then it was back to DC so we could see one last memorial and go catch the bus. I had a little trouble navigating with the map, but we found the FDR memorial (We were very very thankful to have a car and not have to walk over there.) It was lovely! and probably my favorite memorial. (I also really enjoyed the Lincoln Memorial.) The FDR memorial was so well planned and executed with such love you couldn't help but feel like you needed to read all of the speeches and get to know him better. And it was all Rock, and Water, and Tree which I am realizing I really love.

Ellament dropped us off in Chinatown, and we were on our way back to NYC. Reuben did great on the bus again. It took a little longer because we left during rush hour. Getting off the bus in front of Penn Station reminded me why I felt so relaxed in DC. Almost every where we went in DC had a quiet sign somewhere, and even the school groups were pretty quiet. It was so loud, and so bustling, and the advertisements were so in your face. Reuben saw the huge add for that Kung Fu Panda movie, and has been talking about it ever since. "Watch the teddy bear movie?" We'll see.

He's been asking about our hosts, calling them by name. We really did have such a wonderful time its sad to be back. Daddy has been gone all day working on pre-production for Benny Black. Mommy has been putting ice and aloe vera on her sunburn, and glad that there isn't any where to go swimming to show off her new farmers tan.

The mice chewed up the seat covering on Reuben's highchair. We did such a good job of cleaning up before we left, but forgot to clean out the high chair, the mice must of got desperately hungry because there are now holes in the plastic and the stuffing was pulled out. They should have just left. I have more mouse traps out, and hope to be killing some mice this week! If I weren't deathly allergic to cats I might try to find one to come visit us for a while.

Oh, and there was a nasty shooting on Monday in Harlem, Harlem is a big place to I read the article thinking it wouldn't scare me, but it happened on Lenox and 125th st (Where the bus stop is to get to church.) It was so sad to read about what happened, but I was glad I wasn't in town to hear about it right away.

(I laughed out loud when I saw the Justin in pounce position photo. He was standing up from getting the water bottle and starting to run after Reuben. I love how my husband is still handsome even when he is funny looking.)


Charity said...

Hi Brecken! It's Charity from WGU. :) Noticed you put your blog address on your facebook status, so I came to check it out. Looks like you guys had a blast in DC. Great pictures :) I love DC, it's probably one of my favorite cities ever. Glad you had a good time.

hanner said...

I only went to Alexandria a couple of times... once was for the boat parade at Christmas where everyone decorates their boat with lights and sails by. I also went for a ghost tour. So funny. I'm glad you guys had a good time! DC is a fun city.

Jed and Kate said...

I have loved reading about your trip and looking at the photos! We're hoping to go to DC over July 4th, so you'll have to give us some suggestions at church on Sunday. We're glad you're back, even if you're not! ;-)

The Jones :) said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time!! I'm glad you got to have a nice break together as a family!! Reuben is getting so big...he's too cute!! And oh yeah...I'm glad you explained that picture of Justin, because I laughed too when I saw it...wondering what he was plotting or planning!! You've got one funny hubby!! :) :) :)
Love ya
-Becki :)

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Yay for you guys! Scary for Harlem! And sucky for your car seat! I am in an exclamation point mood! !!!!

Tammy Lorna said...

I too love the Pounce photo :)

And I can't believe you're cruel enough to put those YUMMY icecream sunday pictures up!

(Of course, it IS fast Sunday, so I'm a little hungrier than usual...)

Welcome home!
xo Tammy