Friday, May 16, 2008

Totally in with the 20 year olds.

Justin said, "uh, like Ryan Seacrest hair." I said, "this season's Ryan Seacrest hair?" He said, "sure." He hasn't been home to watch American Idol this season... he did not know what Ryan's hair looks like this season.
He thinks its funny that it has a name.
Five years ago when we started dating he had poky hair, but he wore shirts that were too big for him. This is his fifth pair of glasses since I've known him. (Reuben helped with that number a little.) He still makes me laugh and I still get little flutters when he holds my hand.
I miss those days of spending most of our time together. And I did study, because I remember that stuff better than any other things I studied. I remember bits because I know where I was while I was studying--I was sitting on a blanket on the grass with Justin. Shakespeare, Structure of the English Language, and an Drawing. I really did love spring term, especially that one.


Jessica said...

It's a good look for him. I'm so glad you're so happy together. I can only hope I will end up so lucky!

Tammy Lorna said...

I love the new hair cut Justin - nice job Brecken :)

I'm sad about Reuben's haircut though :( He looks good I suppose, but I'd kind of like him to have long hair and stay a baby forever!

And Brecken - I loved reading about all the fun things you're doing with Reuben. What a wonderful blessing to finally be the 'stay home mum' you've been yearning to be. I'm so glad you're both so happy :)

xo Tammy