Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Simpler Times

I am reflecting on Brecken's earlier post--about how she remembers what she studied and why that Summer of 2003...

I too remember sitting on a blanket and sharing snacks, bits of wisdom, and yes Jordan, even kisses. I was studying Brazilian Civilization, Book of Mormon and Intro. to Film--also there was some Astronomy and Art History (Western--before 1500) a little bit later. I didn't do well in Astronomy--but that was because I had a crazy old man for a teacher who didn't remember what he taught us and besides he never changed his final since 1968--but when Brecken and I went to the observatory and looked at the stars, that I remembered--I even got a 100% on my constellations quiz.

I will never forget how you lured me away from hanging out with mission friends with your sweet voice like a siren, singing hymns by the piano. And our Hitchcock and Poe discussion that thrilled me to the core.

I remember writing my essays on Wild Strawberries and trying to see Dr. Strangelove with innocent eyes--well, that wasn't effective--but all through these experiences I remember Brecken being there and expanding my vision with her insight and wisdom. She continues to do that for me--I guess you could say that she is my ever-present muse. The photo you see is one I took thinking of Brecken as I was working special FX on a commercial the night before I proposed. I do miss those seemingly simpler times, but I do not ever want to trade the depth of wisdom and love that my wife has inspired in me. And we still share good snacks, and, yes Jordan, we still kiss.

So--a few days later, I salute those five years ago I mistook you for a Spanish speaking beauty--I still got the beauty part though, minus the Spanish. Está bem--I speak Portuguese anyway.

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Tammy Lorna said...

All of felt 30 remember that summer :)

We were all so happy for you guys.

xo Tammy