Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm not on the computer all the time

I love this new life I have... but I realize I haven't posted as great just because I'm enjoying myself so much! So, before we leave for our "vacation" I will give you a substantial post.

Reuben's forhead has had a hard week. He jumped into an edge of a saucepan and split his forhead open. He cried like crazy. Before daddy came home Mommy called and asked him to pick up some butterfly bandaids... an hour later he came home with ONE butterfly wound closer. You'd thing drug stores would have those things... well the drug stores in our neighborhood do not. (they also take three hours to full a perscription.)

Then last night after So You Think You Can Dance Reuben was doing a fancy move in the hallway and gashed his eyebrow open on the closet door hinge:

When he had long hair you would barely notices these nicks, but there they are for all to see. Right in time for a student shoot (We thought we were going to be playing in the park in the background but they wrote us a part... JUSTIN's FAULT by using me as an actor is some of his exercises.)
We are leaving for Washington DC to visit some friends, (friends we met as a couple who are OUR friends, instead of Brecken's old roommates, or Justin's film friends.) Justin has dreamed of going to DC for the last 20 years. And I am excited to spend time with friends who know me for who I really am, instead of what New York brings out in me. (a year of carpooling to Salt Lake forges, I think Jocelyn even saw me throw up when I was pregnant and I don't think Justin even saw that.)
Any suggestions of must sees? We are on a very limited budget, so we will be going to the zoo, and the botanical gardens, and capitol hill, and the smithsonean. Anything else you think we need to do?
And since I'm not a full-time working person I don't have a lap top anymore so you will miss the blog until Thursday. Sorry... that will give you time to work on your own posts instead of reading mine.


Talyn said...
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Chad said...

You might want to see things like Washington Memorial or even Arlington Cemetery--don't know how far away that is though.

Steve & Margaret said...

Oh I am so jealous-- we wish we could visit the Gibbons, too!!! :) Have a great time!

Tammy Lorna said...

A real life holiday!



I'll really miss your blogging though :( I guess I'll have to write my own posts...

Have a FABULOUS time, and stay safe
xo Tammy

PS. I'm one of Brecken's old roomates AND one of Justins film friends... :D

Gayle said...

You have to see the Viet Nam wall and the Korean War memorials and the Jefferson monument... Oh, there's just so much to see in DC. All I know is that your feet will really hurt when you're through!