Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I took the long way.

I got to go to play group today, they were meeting at a park that is like 17 blocks south. Instead of walking along Riverside Drive I went down to the depth of Riverside Park. This is by far my favorite place in the city. The trees are call, and its down hill from the city. You still hear all the city noise, but you can't see it. Instead you see tall beautiful trees, and with the leaves at full capacity now it is lovely.

I was walking, one ear bud in my ear with Dar Williams playing, and Reuben saying, "I see squirrel. I see bench. I see doggie. I see leaves. I see bird. Whats that?"

And while I was enjoying my walk under the tall leafy trees with Reuben talking about the little bit of nature we can get here (squirrels and pigeons). I wondered what Manhattan Island looked like 200 years ago. I think I probably would have loved it. I still wouldn't have a car. It would still be hard to get milk. I would still live in a tiny dwelling, but there would be trees, and nice views, and not way too many people.

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Lark said...

And a few of those people 300 or so years ago were your very own grandparents.