Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

We had quesadillas for dinner. I don't think Justin even noticed. I did it because he is from the New Mexico, and used to celebrating this day... or at least seeing other people celebrate it.


Mindy said...

We had Mexican pizza. Yummy. It's my own recipe though so I'll have to tell you later if you want it...not anything like real pizza.

Tammy Lorna said...

The 'or at least seeing other people celebrate it' made me laugh ;)

It made me wonder how much of what I do is dictated by traditions...

:) xo Tammy

PS. Quesadillas = Kwes-a-dil-las

Justin said...

They were delicious! I remembered earlier on it was Cinco de Mayo--then I gforgot--but the quesadillas were dang good. We always celebrated it--had traditional food and dancing at my schools, etc.--it was tons of fun! Thanks for remembering Brecken--even when I was too crazy to think about it myself!

:) Love,