Thursday, May 8, 2008

Best prom I ever went to.

Okay, it wasn't really a prom. It was an end-of-year school of the arts cruise.
The adventure started when Justin called me and asked me on a date in his best I'm-a-scared-high-school-boy voice. He gave me two days notice, and I didn't have anything that could pass as Semi-formal so the next day we went to the bronx.
Target was all out of black dresses. Lane Bryant was all out of black dresses. So we tried for Marshall's, I was very doubtful because those types of stores usually only carry old lady plus-size clothes. But we lucked out and found a pretty dress.
Last night we left Reuben with our upstairs neighbors, and went to catch the train. There just happened to be an emergency on the track ahead of us, so I had a fun time panicking as the train stopped. The panic was partly my I-hate-the-train, and partly the-boat-won't-wait-for-the-train. We lucked out, and the train ran express to exactly where we needed it to go. Then we walked. It was the long blocks, so it was longer than we thought it was going to be. I found the fabric stores (41st and 10th). As we got farther west I was happier and happier that I didn't wear fancy pretty shoes, because my sensible black flats were already hard enough to walk on the uneven broken sidewalks.
We got to the pier, and on to "The Temptress" and in the line for dinner. The sun was setting, and it looked pretty nice. We were lucky to find a table inside and had a lovely time enjoying the view and talking to each other. That might seem like a funny thing to enjoy, but if you are a wife of a{n aspiring} filmmaker you will understand that sitting and talking is a novelty.
There was a DJ, and once the dance floor opened the music got too loud to stay inside the yacht so we decided to go enjoy the view and the wind. We went down the hudson, around lower manhattan, under the brooklyn bridge, around the statue of liberty and ellis island, and then back up and down the hudson.
I was glad to escape the loud music, smell of alcohol, and tons and tons of people on a dance floor, and justin didn't mind too much that I'm not the dancing in large groups kind of person.
We took our powershot instead of the rebel. I took a picture of a couple with their SLR, and they came back and asked me to take some more because it turned out so well (that was very flattering). And it also made me wish we had our rebel because the equipment really does matter. I had a really hard time getting the auto focus to work, and my shaky hands weren't very nice to me, Justin did better with his steady hands.
It was SO nice to spend the evening with Justin to celebrate the completion of his first year in grad school. He finished writing a feature length script (if you would like to read it and aid in the editing process let him know, Tammy you are already on the list.) He's learned a lot, and enjoyed most of it. He's done a very good job and we have high hopes for the future because we know he will be qualified. And I've made it through a nine months in the city (which is no small feat).
Who loves Justin's pink tie?


Mindy said...

Beautiful pictures Brecken. And I love how the Statue of Liberty is right behind you.

Erika Hill said...

Isn't it amazing how much better those kinds of events are now that you're married instead of awkward and in High School? The first year we were married Brent and I actually did go to prom (he asked me to prom much the way he asked me to marry him, very casually and over dinner). He was working as an aide in a special ed class, and they needed chaperons for prom, and we thought it'd be fun. It was WAY better than my prom in high school (for reasons I won't elaborate here)--slow songs were lovely, and whenever we didn't want to dance we'd just sit together. It was great.

Congrats on surviving 9 months in the big city! Here's to 9+ more!

Tammy Lorna said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful evening Brecken :)

My favourites are the 2nd and last photos.

xo Tammy

Talyn said...

Please pass a picture of the whole dress (with you in it of course.)

Jessica said...

That sounds like tons of fun. I'm glad you were able to have a nice night out.

The Jones :) said...

You guys are so cute...aren't dates with your hubby great!! I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy a night out!!! You look great Brecken!!
-Becki :)

Gayle said...

You (and Justin in his pink tie) look beautiful. I bet it was so pretty out there in the dark with the lights of the city. How novel to actually be able to have a quiet, uninterrupted conversation with your husband.

emilysuze said...

I heart the pink tie and the lovely black dress. I'm glad you only bought one, and not five dresses, for the event! :)