Monday, April 7, 2008

Why I would like to be a door man

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I got to the building and the door man opened the door for me. I was the first appointment of the day, and because I took the subway I was 15 minutes early, so the office was locked when I got there. I stood in the lobby and read for maybe two minutes when the door man came and unlocked the dentist's door. He said, "You might as well sit." So I went into the empty office and took a sit. Almost immediately I heard some lovely singing.

It was in Spanish, and in a wonderful clear tenor voice. I was tempted open the door to see who it was, but I did. I sat and read and enjoyed the singing. I realized that it was the door man, because it stopped every time I heard a new person come in. I was sad when the receptionist got there and turned on the radio cause I couldn't hear the door man anymore.

I often wonder how doormen make it through the day without dieing of boredom. I think if I were a doorman I would be singing in the lobby too.

Justin has an appointment on Thrusday, he is very scared, he won't mind any prayers you offer towards a quick and painless extraction. :)

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Tammy Lorna said...

I love to sing to myself. It's how I make it through the 2 hours to communiting traffic hell each day. I sing my head off to myself :)

Justin, I'll put you in my prayers on Friday, because that will be Thursday for you :)

PS. I'm looking forward to my brother jonny finishing dental school so that I can go to him. I don't really expect it to hurt 'less' but I figure I can pay less and complain more :)

xo Tammy