Friday, April 25, 2008

Our friend, the Tribeca Blogger

Tribeca Blogger

So as we've been away from Utah, we loose touch with more and more people... but through the power of the internet we get to pretend like we are still connected. Jared is one of the three uncles who put up with the baby during meetings (when I was working in the office and justin was mr. mom.) Jared, and the other two uncles, would even take breaks to hold Reuben when nothing could peel them from the movie making mind-frame.

Justin is trying to convince me I want to go to a day of Tribeca. I am trying to convince him that he would have more fun without me. I'm sure Jared will deliver just enough Tribeca fun for my taste, and maybe just a little bit more for my taste.

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Tammy Lorna said...

Oh it sounds like fun!
Justin - say hi to Jared for me!
xo Tammy