Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anything to get attention

Remember when you were a kid in a store, or at church, and you would need to get your mom's attention, and you would say "Hey, Mom!" And either every mom in your room except your mom would look, or none of the moms would look. Then you would say her first name, and your mom would look at everyone else in the area because you wouldn't call her by her first name.

Well, Reuben is starting early.

I am still battling for nap time. I put him in his crib, and and then take my computer to the bedroom to work. He yells "Mom!" then "Mommy!" if that doesn't work he yells, "Brecken!" if that doesn't work he then tries, "poopy!" or "milk!" or "potty!" then back to "Mom, Mommy, Brecken!"

For some reason he doesn't call Dadddy "Justin." Maybe Daddy responds too quickly.


emilysuze said...

It's amazing that he knows your name is Brecken. I must have been a slow kid, because growing up, I always thought my mom's name was just that--mom.

You've got yourself one smart cookie!

Mindy said...

Wait until he starts calling you "babe."