Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stay tuned... the flu will leave soon.

Justin was sick last week, like skip work and school sick.

Reuben is sick now, like scream and cry if someone isn't holding his sweaty feverish body. Its nice that he is so cuddly, but I can't get much other than soaking in Reuben.

I am not sick, thankfully! I was very mean about no kisses, and sharing water, and I seem to be safe.

I finished a scarf... have a picture but its not uploaded yet so wait for that. It is a pretty scarf.

I made up a mini dough boy pizza... have a picture but its not uploaded yet (and the how-to).

Whats your favorite crock pot dish... one that I could get to church on the subway (so not a soup, although if that is your favorite I'll take your recipe). I'm thinking a chicken and rice thing... but I don't know a good recipe for that, and how to make it work.


Emanuele from Italy said...

Dear Brecken and Justin,

Ohh! I'll certainly enhance access blog statistics. I'm visiting and reading your blog from Italy!! So you will be very glad I hope. Here in Italy lots of my friend were sick. I escaped from flu disease through prevention treatment. The winter were quite severe here in Piemonte in the north-west of Italy where we live. You know Brecken, probably I and my wife will came soon in New York next september because some of my relatives live in Boston and we are looking forward to visit them. I hope to contact you by email. Our family's email is

It'snt easy to update my reading daily just for translation in italian language but my effort is highest. God bless your family

Emanuele and Claudia from Alba(Cuneo) Piemonte Italy

Steve & Margaret said...

I just left you a comment, but I don't think it went through. So, here's a recipe again:
Place a chunk of pork or chicken in the crock pot. Pour 3/4 can of Coke o it. Add half a bottle or so of BBQ sauce. Simmer until done. Rip the meat with forks and serve on buns.
Also try stuff from "101 Things to Do With a Slow-Cooker" (it's a book).