Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do you feel neglected?

Spring break means spending less time on the computer because I can get my work done in 8 hours instead of 13, and spring break means when my 8 hours is up I have Justin home to spend time with.

He was a hero and rearranged the house. We still have to declutter, but as you can see we have a living room. You can't see the blue chair, table, and high chair. We need to rehang the pictures. but it is so nice to have a room with space. I will not be posting a picture of the bedroom because we put everything in there, shelves, bed, craft area, more shelves. We need to change my closet, so I can put my clothes away at night without disturbing Reuben.

The nice thing about having the crib in the living room is Reuben has taken a nap every day since we made the change. I turn on some soft music, lay him down, and I work in the blue chair next to his crib. He looks at me until he can't keep his eyes open, and then takes a nap. As long as no one buzzes, or knocks, or unlocks the door he will sleep there and I can work and listen to soft music.

I am loving spring break. I am sad that we are running out of it.

Last night Reuben was eating apple slices, and they were tough apples, I heard him struggling (I don't know how to describe it) I looked and his face was purple, and he had his hand in his mouth trying to get the apple out. I started shoving on his belly, and we got the apple out. It was partially chewed. It was the first time that I think he actually choked, I've always caught it earlier than him turning purple, and not being able to cough. Justin tried to eat an apple and said, "I can see how he would have choked on this."

We watched Enchanted (see you can get brand new releases from netflix). Its on our list of movies we want to own when it doesn't cost 21 dollars. Reuben has been talking about the dragon. This is the first NY movie we have seen where we have been to all but one of the places in the movie, it helped that the apartment was only a couple blocks away, and on my favorite walk route.

That is almost all of the stuff I have neglected to write, but I need to get back to work.


Mindy said...

I'm glad you caught Reuben choking in time and knew what to do. That's a fear that I have when we leave the kids with a babysitter.
You have guts living in such a small space. I think I'd go nuts, really, after a while. I hope grad school goes by quick for you. Then where do you think you'll live?

Talyn said...

Wow! A room!

Jed and Kate said...

The changes you've made to your apartment look great! I can't wait to see it in person on Friday! I'm so glad Reuben's scary! Can't wait to see Enchanted...I'm adding it to my queue right now!

Lark said...

I thought Enchanted might be my movie. But no my movie is Enchantment (1948.) The movie I got my name from.
Tagline: Just About the Most Wonderful Love Story Ever Filmed!

The apartment sounds great, and the naps.

Lark said...

"Uncle Rollo finally retires to the house he was brought up in. Lost in thoughts of his lost love, Lark, he does not want to be disturbed in his last days. However, the appearance of his niece and the subsequent romance between her and Lark's nephew causes him to reevaluate his life and offer some advice so the young couple don't make the same mistake he did, all those years ago."

julianee said...

Looks great!!!

And I got my copy of Enchanted on Amazon for $15. I'm not sure it is still that cheap, but its worth a look. You can normaly get free shipping by adding a $10 old movie. We bought Magnificent Seven last time. :)

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying spring break! Feel free to neglect us for a good cause whenever Justin has time off :)

xo Tammy

PS. That's scary about Reuben and the apple! I'm so glad you caught it in time!