Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Job Reuben

Let me be "one of those mom's" here for a second.

Justin just gave Reuben a bath, and Reuben brushed his teeth, and then he used the potty! And by used the potty I mean he sat on it, and urinated. (I'm trying to avoid yucky search hits here, guys.)

So... now what do we do? Marvel at our little boy, who held it for the whole bath, and brushing teeth so he could do it in the potty. I hope we can replicate it, and then move onto using the potty for number two.

Seriously though, what do we do?


Tammy said...

Praise praise praise so he wants to do it again! And then keep talking with him about how good it was when he did that :)

But I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the two of you are already doing with him ;)

xo Tammy

PS. Brecken, while this is a milestone, I must warn you that once he starts wearing underpants full time instead of nappies, you're going to have to start calling him your 'little boy' instead of your 'baby'... *sob*

Rachel said...

Yay Reuben! Does he like stickers? You could give him a sticker every time he goes on the toilet, and maybe a small treat for #2's. At our center, the toddlers get a sticker for trying, a skittle for going #1, and a small cookie for #2.

Sounds like Reuben's growing up :)