Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dear Posterity,

I'm writing this here, because I had forgotten about it until I saw a picture of president Hinckley with a hat on in one of the blog tributes to him. I figured, if this really is my version of family history I better write it down before I forget even more of the details.

I had the opportunity to go to General Conference a couple times, it was a wonderful experience each time (except the time we took too long eating lunch and lost our seats, I still blame myself for that because I was trying to be fun and easy going instead of saying, "OK, times up." but that is a different story.)

I had gone with some friends (I was still single). We had taken our time getting out of the conference center so we wouldn't have to be in the huge crowd, and it wasn't until we had left the conference center that I realized I had to use the restroom. My friends had check some bags, so we planned to meet on the mall side of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, so I could go to the restroom, and they could get their bags.

I walked with a small group of people through the protesters, and as I was crossing the street I saw a short old man with brown hat, big glasses, and a long khaki trench coat on. I thought to myself, "What a cute old man." He was walking in my direction from the temple grounds so I got to look at him for a few seconds, and then I realized he was surrounded by men with black suits (which wasn't a shock because most of the men there had suits on), but the curly wires going into their ears tipped me off. I noticed the cute old man was holding a cane, and when we were 4 feet apart and passing each other he looked me in the eyes, and I realized it was President Hinckley.

Thats it. He got in a car, and I went to the restroom.

I know what I saw in his eyes, I wonder what he saw in mine.

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Tammy said...

I'm sure he saw wonderful things.

xo Tammy