Sunday, February 17, 2008

Behold Your Little Ones

So, I've decided, I should give a talk on beholding our little ones. Partly because we are in the nursery so I get to do a lot of beholding, and partly because I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and every time I think of a "more interesting" or "more universal" topic, I am quickly reminded that children should be ineresting and universal to anyone converted to Christ.

I keep thinking about how "people" here are nicer and more poliet to people walking dogs, than people pushing strollers. "They" are pretty rude to us stroller pushers, and I only have one kid to annoy "them."

I keep thinking about how exhausting children can be, especially when they are not your own. And how that is the way they have always been, but Christ still took the time to let them exhaust him.

I keep thinking about how there are so many children in the world that need someone to care about them, be a good example to them, and try to make their life better.

I keep thinking about how Reuben has pretty good parents, if I do say so myself, and how he still needs other people to influence his life.

I keep thinking of the things I have learned from Reuben, and other children, that only those little ones could have taught me.

Reuben wouldn't sleep in his crib for his nap today, he sat in it and cried and screamed. I finally went to get him and he fell asleep on my sholder almost immediatly. I let him sleep on my sholder and then layed him across my lap and knit. I remembered he used to be a baby and do that all the time (except I didn't knit, cause that is a new thing for me). I wish I knew why Justin and I both felt like we couldn't be scared about having another baby at this time in our life, and how we don't see a baby coming in the near future (and by the near future I mean 9 months).

And, as Jenny suggested, I found a wonderful talk on the subject from President Hinckley.

P.S. I hate that mouse I hope he goes back outside, or dies. We've had traps up since thursday, and that mouse just won't go in them. I am having nightmares about that dumb thing. And Reuben started saying, "Catch that mouse," which means thats all I've been saying for him to catch on to it.


Tammy said...

Brecken - that sounds like the perfect topic. If you are the kind of person who 'types out the whole talk', then send me a copy :)

xo Tammy

PS. Maybe you're not putting the 'good cheese' in the traps... try some camembert, or Roquefort, or parmigiano reggiano, or a slice of the Golden Wheel of Gouda... maybe your mouse likes Provencal Brousse, or Greek Mizithra, or perhaps he goes for queso fresco or Romanian Urda....

I'm just saying, your mouse is obvoiusly NOT the garden variety mouse with garden variety tastes... He's from New York Brecken.....



Michael and Natalie said...

Did you put peanut butter in the traps-that always worked for me. It's pretty sticky. Are they snap traps or sticky traps?