Tuesday, February 19, 2008

40 degrees means putting off work

We went for a walk to Grants Tomb, and to play at the park this morning. There are lots of great pictures but I (brecken) have used up my space for pictures. So I will have to do my blurb book, and delete, or resave all the pictures in a smaller format, because you (the reader) already have a hard enough time telling justin and me apart.
Doesn't his face make you wish you could take him to the park every day?

If you have a facebook account I saved the photos from today there, but when I try to do the 'share photos with friends even if they aren't on facebook' I get a link that sends you to my messages.


Tammy said...

His face is so happy :) Yeah, I think you should take him to the park everyday :)

xo Tammy

Rachel said...

He's so handsome!