Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Only in New York

I'm watching the local news, and find it very interesting that most of the hour has been spent on the fact that Heath Ledger was found dead in (this is for you Jordan) *Mary Kate's apartment.

Was this on your local news? Maybe Tammy's but she isn't in Perth, so I doubt it.

Weird that I know he died only two hours after he was found. Even more proof that I don't really belong here.

*Okay, they said it wasn't Mary Kate's apartment anymore.


emilysuze said...

They cut into a song that was playing on the radio to announce that Heath Ledger was dead. It amazed me that all of this attention went to a man who died using illegal substances. Presidents don't even get this much attention when they die which is a sad reflection on the American society's obsession with pop culture.

Tammy said...

Are you kidding Brecken? This has been news on every channel in Australia since it happened!

In Australia we seem to be very proud of any other Australia who makes it big....

I wasn't always a fan of the movies he chose to make, but I think it's terribly sad when anyone gets caught up in drugs and wastes/loses their lives.

And yes Emmy, I agree. Our society is way to obsessed with Pop Culture.

xo Tammy