Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Most Recent Project

Over Christmas break Courtlin wanted to make necklaces, so we got to go pick out beads. I probably spent more than I should have, but they were just so much more of a better deal than what I can find here. I wore the opalite one on Sunday, and one of the little boys (his name starts with a W for those of you who may know him) in nursery used it to get out of answering a question...

Me: How do we start a prayer?
W: Uhh.... I like your golden necklace.

Reuben likes the opalite one as well, because that big pendent fits just perfect in his hand, and mouth. He does surprisingly well when I am beading. As long as he can hold a piece of wire and bead he will let me do it for the length of whatever favorite movie he has on.

Speaking of favorite movies, we found the Mary Poppins disk. Good thing, because Reuben wasn't fooled by the special features disk. It still baffles me that it is one of his favorites.

Check back tomorrow night to find out who Justin met... it might even be big enough that Justin will write about it himself!


Tammy said...

1. I really love the necklaces! If you get any more talented, I might just have to take a trip to NY and try and get some of that to rub off on me :)

2. I love it that Mr W used your necklace to get out of answering a question :)

3. Your 'Reuben wasn't fooled by the special features disk' made me laugh - I love the things we try to pull over their eyes, and they way that they refuse to play along ;)

4. Justin - write and tell us! I have a feeling I'll find it exciting! haha!

:) xo Tammy

Jed and Kate said...

I love your necklaces! You picked some gorgeous beads! I noticed Mr. W's comment in nursery and thought it was hilarious! He is one of my favorites!

Who, who, who did Justin meet??? Is it possible that Jed met this person too, or is it not related to Columbia? I am SO curious!!

Justin said...

Just to clarify--I WILL meet this person at a screening tomorrow night, but it is on the DL--not advertised--Kate your probably know who it is. :) Justin

Tammy said...

Brecken Knows.
Justin Knows.
Jed Knows.
Kate Knows.

Tammy Doesn't!