Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And now for the other turn-off subject:

I thought this was an interesting article. It starts out like it is going to political but it is mostly about the growth of the church in New York City.

I am a rather conflicted voter because I am a social conservative and a economic liberal. I discovered this after I took a quiz at http://glassbooth.org. I figured I'd read up on the candidates it suggested I agreed with, and found out that the political issues I care about usually conflict with the moral issues. I also judge on the feelings I get when the candidates speak, like if someone gives me the creeps I'm not going to support them, even if they seem like I should.

I'm not registered in a party here, so Super Tuesday isn't going to be a stress inducer. But from what I've read the republican primary here is pretty darn important, now my democratic tendencies might have me kicking myself because there are several republican candidates that I can't vote for because they give me the heeby jeebies or they are just plain crazy. (This goes for the democrats, as well, but I think the social issues--even if I think they shouldn't be political--might just have to win out this year.)


JandKBaxter.blogspot.com said...

HYAH Brecken! I'm so glad you found my site. I've thought about you too and it looks like things are going really well with you. Where are you at again? Isn't politics hard to be passionate about? There isn't always one right answer. In fact, the answers sometimes seem really gray. Good luck.

Morgan said...

I am having a difficult time as well with the candidates. I am glad that I am not the only one.