Wednesday, December 26, 2007


hohoho merry smishmess. (This is how Reuben says it.)

The Cooks are in Minnesota! We surprised Jordan for Christmas, and boy was she surprised. We were going to surprise all the girls, but Talyn wanted to send our christmas present to New York, and Courtlin was sad she was never going to see us again.

All of the Reasor girls (plus their pluses) are home together for the first time in few years. We all had a little trouble getting here.

The Cooks are never going to take the bus to the airport again, the East Harlemers are not happy to see that you are leaving the city. And the Cooks are going to go to the Airport 2 hours earlier, because Brecken was trying to pretend she was more relaxed and that meant that they were in the security line when they made the final boarding call for the flight to MN. So, they had to run.

The Wongs and girls did not get to come when they expected because of a "blizzard." Their flight was canceled on Sunday, so they came on Christmas eve.


Once we were all together we were able to enjoy our traditions. We caroled, we did the nativity, we had a wonderful Christmas day. Reuben is very good at making Alena laugh, he is very good at making everyone laugh. I have photos and photos, but I've got to fit in my work hours while everyone one is gone ice fishing.

Don't worry, I'm not sad I'm don't have time to go ice fishing. I have tried it, and I hate it. Justin is going... but with a camera instead of a fishing license, so he might be content until he runs out of battery or tape.

I always knew I loved it here, but never knew how much until I could compare it to New York. Like I say, some people are built for the city, and I wasn't one of them.


Rachel said...

Glad to hear you made it okay! Tom and I got back from North Dakota yesterday (the roads were very yucky). Merry Christmas!

The Jones :) said...

Oh I've been WAITING for this post!! I wanted to hear/see everyone's reactions and stuff with the surprise!! How exciting...and I'm WAY jealous that you're in MN and I'm not :( Sounds like a LOT of snow has hit back there...and I hope you enjoy your time at home!! You're so so lucky Phatty!! Hope you guys had a good Christmas!! Love you lots...wish you were in Utah so we could see you!!
-Becki :)

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you're able to be there for Christmas, and to see everyone again!

xo Tammy