Friday, December 7, 2007

Something Fluffy

We love popcorn here at the Cook Shack. I call a Wonder Food. You can make it healthy, or not, and there is no limit to your creativity.

So, for the cookie exchange I thought I would make some popcorn. I made some white chocolate covered popcorn.

It was really easy to make, I think it was that way because I made up how to make it.

Over a double boiler (because I am morally opposed to melting chocolate in the microwave) melt 8 ounces of white chocolate. (The bars I had said not to let the water boil, but just simmer it so you get a nice smooth melt, and don't stir your melting choclate because it will get chunky-thats why microwaves are a no-no.)

Airpop a bunch of pop corn. I poped two batches of 2/3 cup unpopped corn. Add a tablespoon of salt (mix it together a bit so there isn't just one really salty group).

Pour the melted chocolate over the salty popcorn and fold it together (you won't actually fold it, but its easiest to use the same motion as folding). Then spread it out to cool on a jelly roll pan. I sprinkled some sprinkles over the top of it so it looked like I did something to it.


Jessica said...

popcorn is not supposed to be sweet--kind of like how salads aren't supposed to have fruit in them.

Tammy said...

While I definately agree that salads should not have fruit in them (I don't how the rest of the world got confused about that), I do like popcorn to be sweet every now and again.

Sometimes, we pop the corn, then melt a little butter, drizzle that over the popcorn, and then toss (in a bag or somethign) it with icing sugar (or powdered sugar, if you're in America). That can be really yummy too :)

xo Tammy