Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Miracle(s)

We did the Disney Movie Club thing this year, I wouldn't suggest it. We were tempted by 5 free movies if you buy 4 full-priced movies. We actually didn't save very much money because the full price is $21-$23. Well, after we moved I changed our billing address... but didn't think to change my shipping address (I know, stupid.) Well, we ordered Ratatuoille, and the Pixar shorts collection. (the shorts are for justin's career.) Well, when I got the sipping confirmation email I noticed that they were being shipped to Utah. SAD! We made several calls, and I had almost admitted defeat.

When I opened the door this morning to go to the dentist there was a package... with the movies in there! IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

The other miracle is we found a good dentist! Justin had a cavity that he filled right there, and I didn't have any cavities (This is the first time I think that has ever happened to me!), and Reuben let him clean his teeth. Justin will need to get his wisdom tooth extracted (that will happen after our trip to New Mexico.) And I will need to get the ultra-sonic gum cleaning thing, (my gums never got better after they turned tender during pregnancy.)

And that I went to a cute yarn store in the neighborhood called Yarntopia. It was so fun to look at all of the beautiful yarn, and to talk to the owner and have her give me some tips. I am going to make Talyn and Alena matching hats as part of the pay it forward. (Becki if you want a hat, or a hat for Klous let me know and I can start yours too.)

So I am in a pretty good mood. I am going to do some training material for work now, as we finished our big project for the week.

Sorry I haven't posted a picture of Reuben this week... I'll get something cute for him after his nap. Also, it did snow a little, but it is all cleared today... I guess thats what you get when you live in a city that never sleeps.


The Jones :) said...

Yeah for good days!! When are you going to New Mexico?!?! That'll be a good trip I'm sure :)...a hat would be cute and fun...although Klous has a HUGE don't know how you'd measure it?!?! But it would be cute to do matching blue & white (for BYU) ones for him and Ryan or me and Klous or whatever!! Thanks Phatty!!! :) :) You're so sweet!!! :)

Lisa Brown said...

The DMC is only a good deal if you stay in after you get your required stuff, that way you can take advantage of their sales and get the movies they only offer on their club - which are the ones I am a sucker for - the old Disney movies I grew up on :).

Tammy said...

Woo hoo! I happy Christmas miracle day!

:) xo Tammy