Saturday, November 10, 2007


As you all may /have heard the Writer's Guild is on strike. This strike won't negatively impact my family, if anything it could end well for us (as one of Justin's dreams is to become a WGA member, and not a producer). Now, I do worry about the many "behind the scenes" workers who are not getting the paycheck they were expecting, and I think its unfortunate that a strike affects everyone instead of just the people who don't want to pay the writers for stuff they wrote that is now streaming on the internet. (I am a fan of limited commercials, watch it anytime you want, even if you don't have cable, but fair is fair.)

The strike that scares me is the strike on Broadway. The reason it scares me is we have tickets for December 8th, tickets that were a gift to us, tickets that cost as much as a weeks worth of groceries (okay, two weeks). And all the buzz says that it could threaten the week before Christmas revenue, meaning 12/8 is going to be a problem. Do you think they would give us the money back, or at least reschedule our tickets?

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Tammy said...

They keep talking about the strike here too - a lot of American TV shows that are popular here too are going to be running out of episodes soon....

What are you going to see on Broadway?! (jealous!)

xo Tammy