Friday, November 2, 2007

I Heart

I heart Netflix. I heart it because it keeps my husband happy, and because I finally feel like I get something I want, too.

When I was a senior in high school I did the post-secondary option, which meant I took a couple classes at the college so I got to come home from school before anybody else. Mom and I watched Quantum Leap every day on the SciFi Chanel. Justin knows of my love for Sam, and when we saw it available on Watch Instantly on netflix, we knew we wouldn't be wasting those 13 hours of streaming movies that we get for "free." Some of the episodes aren't on watch instantly (like the very last one that I've never seen), but we've watched a few that I have never seen before (which is surprising because we literally watched it everyday.)

Monk is also something I love netflix for. I was a little late to the Monk obsession, so we have been getting the DVDs. It is wonderful to watch 4 episodes of a really funny, really smart show with no commercials. Hopefully tonight we will find out why Sharona left and how Natalie came to be Monk's wipe getter. If you have never watched this show, I highly recommend it. I can't wait for Psych to get to netflix, then my lack for the USA network on friday nights will not even phase me.

Now, you feel bad for me because I miss USA Network as much as I miss Justin on most friday nights. Well, not this friday, Justin is home. We are going to go buy some milk. I heart milk too. I wish it didn't cost four dollars a gallon.


Talyn said...

If you were all the way hippie you would be happy milk cost $4 because it means Ethanol is being used...

Jessica said...

Go Monk and Psych! If I didn't have cable, I would definitely get Netflix.