Wednesday, November 21, 2007

B's Thanksgiving Countdown 20

I am thankful for my my family and telephones and webcams. Reuben had a great time talking to jordan and courtlin on the webcam. (and I think they liked seeing him point and say "whats that?" Its hard to be this far away, after having a year of ALL of my sisters in the same place. I miss that, but I am so thankful it happened. The next time my sisters see Reuben they be astounded at his abilities and cuteness. And the next time they see me they will be reminded that I am their favorite sister. Do think Santa could drop us down the chimney in Minnesota? I have already decided I probably won't get my house, so I might ask for a ride on his sliegh.


Anonymous said...

emo phillips' cole slaw recipie.


Courtlin said...

we all know that I am the favorite!

Tammy said...

What an beautiful photo! I love it, and I'm glad you're blessed to be part of such a wonderful family :)

xo Tammy