Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B's Thanksgiving Countdown 13

Reuben was born 22 months ago today, so even though I am thankful for Justin he will have to wait until tomorrow when I miss him a lot (because he will be gone for 12 hours.)

I am thankful for Reuben. He has blessed our lives so much. He is a tad crazy, but mostly sweet and tender hearted. He is extremely empathetic for his age, and always has been. When he was six months old I had a crying night, and he looked at me and pooh whoed. Now, when some one is sad, or hurt, or sneezes, he looks at them and asks, "okay?" Although he has never been a "cuddly" baby, he now gives excellent hugs and kisses. Although I don't compare him to other children (do you believe that?) I have noticed that he is friendlier, more even tempered, and calmer than most boys his age. I love to have him come put his hand on me, and lean his head in so I will play with his hair. Who would have thought I would have a child who would like to have his hair played with?

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