Friday, October 19, 2007

Paula Deen and Photoshop

Justin is working tonight so we can go on our Irving trip tomorrow. Reuben is asleep in bed. I am watching Paula Deen Party, and playing with Photoshop.



What do you think? I found how to help the white balance, and sharpen, and increase the "inner glow."

Now, if anyone knows how to print different photos on the same piece of paper, they should let me know, cause I am wasting photo paper when I print out my pictures for scrap booking.


Anonymous said...

Contact Sheet or Printer Package

breckster said...

Contact Sheet: Is there a way to get the images bigger? I can only get tiny thumbnails.

Printer Package: I can only get different sizes of the same photo, am I missing something?

Jessica said...

On the file menu, there's an item called "Print with Preview". Click on that, and on the top right, there's a place where you can choose what position on the page to put the photo. Just uncheck the "center image" box and type in where you want it to print. I can usually fit several images on one page when I do that. You can also scale your print size to make the photos bigger or smaller.

Jessica said...

(You'll still be printing one photo at a time, but you can feed the same sheet through the printer several times just by putting the photos in different positions on the page)

Courtlin said...

is that kid getting enough sleep. I don't think he should have bags under his eyes yet. :) Just kidding Brecken. Make sure he doesn't party too late every night.

Anonymous said...

Contact sheet lets you define rows and columns. 1 row 2 columns = 2 per sheet. That article I linked says you can use different images, but it's not worth the trouble to me to figure out how. paintshop is so much easier. Drag drop and resize or specify size.

At least now you know what to look for. find it online instead of in help.

Talyn said...

If you have the photos saved in a folder you can open the folder and on the left side click "print pictures," or just right click on a photo and click print. It takes you through the Photo Printing Wizard. On the second page you can select the photos to print, and on the fourth page select the size. This is especially helpful if you want them printed in standard sizes. You don't even have to open a program.

Talyn with help from Kevin