Monday, September 10, 2007

This kid.

Sometimes this kid is all boy, jumping, climbing, diving, stomping, yelling, hitting, biting, breaking, shoving, throwing, peeing. In the last two days he has broken Justin's glasses, and the DVD player. The DVD player might be repairable, if we can get the disc out. The glasses are dead. I was very frustrated with this whirlwind of boy. So, I was just letting him be a boy so I could get some work done. I had already given a time out for the DVD situation, and was done trying to calm him down.

When we got home for the market this morning, I left my purse on the bed, usually a safe place for my things. Reuben climbed up on the bed and went for the most interesting thing there (all boy). I thought I only had cards and cash in there, but when I looked up I found out I had more than that. You can't really see it, but he had applied it all over his general lip area. I'm glad it was gloss instead of stick, because if it was stick I would have had a huge mess on my hands, okay, I guess his face.

*Update* the DVD player survived. It required some minor surgery.

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Jana Winters Parkin said...

One of our kids actually tried to put a peanut-butter sandwich into the VCR! (It survived, but we subsequently purchased a childproof lock for it -- you might look into that.) And Josh was notorious for "skating" across the hardwood floor with a CD under each foot. (Somehow he rotated through most of the collection). Welcome to kidland!