Saturday, September 1, 2007

Street Market

We went to a little street market yesterday. (It was a one day thing for "welcome to Columbia." between Broadway and Amsterdam on 120th street.) There were three different Gyro stands, a Crepe stand, and a filafale stand. Several different jewelry, and purse stands, and the above beautiful things, that I wanted to buy but wouldn't use, so didn't.

I accidentally bargained. There was something I wanted to get for Alena, but I wasn't sure yet, so after I asked him how much it cost, I said, "I'll come back." Then knocked off a couple dollars. Then because I felt bad that he misunderstood me, I bought it. Talyn and Alena will love it, but I'm going to need to practice not feeling guilty, and also, being willing to get the best price for what I want.


Tammy said...

I would like to spend a minute talking about beautiful things, that I wanted to buy but wouldn't use, so didn't.
A funky purple chair (Wait, I think I did buy that)... A beautifully carved wooden figurine (yep, bought that too. Doesn't go with anything in the house). Bright green earings (Until I can save up the money to buy an entire outfit to match them, they're also useless - but pretty). Hats and Scarves - I buy them by the droves, and then only wear a couple of them.
You see, then thing is - buying them is where the real fun is! beautiful things that I wanted to buy but wouldn't use, are like chocolate: The moment of purchase/eating is identified by that calm happy emotion that spreads through your whole body, but the moment where you realize it doesn't go with anything/step on the scales is such a depressing moment that the only thing you can think of to pull yourself out of it is eat/buy some more!

I agree - they do look beautiful. Congratulations on having more self control than me :D

ciao bella,

Talyn said...

Instructions for bargaining in Fiji for the average Reasor girl:

1. Decide how much you're willing to spend
2. Ask the price
3. If your "willing to spend" price is less than 25%, it's no use. If it's more than 50%, lower your willing to spend price.
4. Make a deciding face and wait for them to lower the price
5. Repeat step 4 until the price is low enough or
6. Start to walk away until the price gets lower or
7. Tell them that you're not a tourist, you live here and ask for the native price.

It might only work in Fiji. It didn't work at the street markets in Europe. Too bad.