Friday, September 7, 2007

Security Blanket

Reuben was never a pacifier or blanket or stuffed animal kind of guy. He was secure, and didn't need much help feeling that way. Now, he has a security blanket (with a head).
He has a few stuffed animals in his crib. He liked to throw them out of his crib. It keeps him occupied, and will usually give me 10 extra minutes before he needs me to get him from his nap. That was the extent of his connection to them, until recently.
While he was sleeping I noticed he was cuddling with the care bear head with a blanket. (Grandma and I bought it at a sidewalk sale, it was 2 dollars.) As the days have gone on, it is more apparent that it is his security blanket (with a head). He does not leave his room without it. If I get him out of the crib when he is not holding it, he will run back and reach through the slates until he can get it, or cry until I get it for him. He holds it up to his cheek, and squeezes it between his cheek and shoulder.
I've been worried about his adjustment to our new life. He hasn't eaten like he used to in several weeks. The bags under his eyes, that only appear when he is sick, have been more than present. He is hugging, kissing, and cuddling more than he ever has, including when he was a blob, and supposedly not strong enough to be the boss of his own body. I have taken to sitting on the floor so he can run up to me, get his hug, and then run off to whatever is occupying him. The eating seems to be getting better, although it is not as much as he used to eat, at least he is eating something. The bags under his eyes are fading, and he is sleeping well, so I thought I might be in the clear.
The security blanket (with a head) has me wondering though. He never needed anything like that before, has this move been so hard that something in him changed? I think it has been that hard. I know it has been that hard for me. Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. I know that things have been better than I expected, and I am so glad about that. But, I'm sick (constant headache, my eyes won't focus, I'm really hot and dizzy, my throat is sore, and my ears ache.) Without the help of a doctor, I think it is all stress related, if you are doctor and know what I really have please let me know, well maybe only if it has a cure. I'm currently looking for a security blanket of my own to see if that will help any.


JoJo &/or Bob said...

I hope Reub and you are feeling better soon! Peter has a Teddy that he sleeps with and cuddles with for comfort. We kind of forced it onto him, because we thought it was so cute. Haha... so don't be too worried about the head blankie.

I do hope you all adjust soon, though!

Jessica said...

My sister slept with her "blankie nuh-nuh" until she got married (and I'm not exaggerating). I think she still has it hidden somewhere in her house.

I hope you feel better. You can't be sick when I come visit you! I'm sure it's hard since you probably don't have a doctor there yet.