Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day (aka Day of birthday funness.)

There were 4 french tourist in front of us in line to get into the Metropolitan Meuseum of Art. I was kind of sad they were in front of us, cause we got there before them, we just had a stroller so couldn't wait on the steps, but then I was glad they were in front of us. I was glad because one turned around and handed us a get in for free pass. Justin's student ID gets him in for free, but it would have been 20 dollars for me. (and its not just a box you put money in, you have to talk to a person, the suggested price is pretty much the real price for someone like me who doesn't like confrontation.)

I would suggest clicking on the pictures above, but I am not going to do captions. We have to go back someday because the American Wing was closed, and Reuben got too screamy for us to get to the Arms and Armour, and Justin would have spent more time in the Egyptian Art if we weren't there for me. Justin's favorite was the Decorative Arts, and my favorite were the virgin with childs in the European Paintings.

We had a little dinner date and went to a very disappointing cafe. (The "chef" was not there, and the substitute didn't know how to make anything, and it was actually pretty yucky.) So, sorry Cafe Fresh, you loose. It would have been better to be closed then be open and nasty. So we went in search of some dessert... and we found Artopolis... We think this may become our favorite place. They have the lovely treats below, crepes, brunch, gelato, etc. The Chocolate Strawberry made up for the nasty dinner... it was dark chocolate mousse with strawberry goodness in the middle.


The Jones :) said...

Looks like you had a good "birthday surprise"...good job Justin!!! Happy Birthday to you soon!!! :)
-Becki :)

Mick said...

I love a good art museum. Still the best picture there were Brecken, Justin and Reuben.

Jessica said...

Mmmm, those treats look yummy. You may need to take us there when we come visit. Can't wait to see you!