Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm Guck!

Reuben was climbing on a box a couple days ago when the lid collapsed, and he fell into the box. He whimpered, and then yelled "I'm Guck!" Then, when I said, "What did you say?" He just cried because I didn't just run over and get him.

I was so surprised, and sad that Justin wouldn't hear him say it for a while. Like most of Reuben's firsts, he does it once, then waits until he is confident until he does it again. He hasn't said the "I'm" with the his-version-of "stuck," but he seems to be getting stuck on purpose so he can yell "guck!" at us.

In unrelated news, my work sent me a pizza for my birthday, thank you work. :) And we only have one box that doesn't have a place yet. congratulations to us. Now, we just need to make friends with people who don't think its weird our couch is actually a bed.

Below is a video for Tammy, but everyone else can watch it too. There are some boring parts,but when I tried to edit them out I thought it would better for you to see the whole thing rather then me waste time with windows movie maker.


Mick said...

Who is on the computer screen?

I'm glad there are no tears in the shampoo.

breckster said...

Jessica (my newly married cousin) from the welcome baby shower we had for reuben.

Tammy said...

Thankyou Brecken! That's exactly what I wanted to see :)

At first as I watched it, I was thinking "See, now here's the really interesting and fundamental difference between boys and girls. If Reuben had been a Ruby, he never would have sat there for so long just looking at, and touching, this chocolate cake!" I have pictures of me eating my first birthday cake (it was chocolate of course), and I tell you, the whole thing was gone in about 30 seconds (the photos are quite scary actually).

But then, as the video progressed, and Reuben started really enjoying himself, I started laughing out loud and drawing weird looks from co-workers! I guess he really is half female (you know, since he's half brecken).... :)

OH, and I just realized that I've been spelling Reuben's name wrong his entire life! I see you spell it rEUben instead of rUEben, the way I always do it! (I've just gone back and fixed it throughout this post). What kind of godmother doesn't know how to spell her godson's name?! One who grew up with spellchecker I suppose!

But then again, my Grandmother just sent Abby a 'congratulations on getting engaged' card, and she still spells Abby's name "Abbey" as she's been doing Abby's whole life, so I guess us 'godmother/grandmother' types can get confused at times (for years a time)!

:) xoxo

lots of love, Tammy.

PS. I really should just write you an actually email, these posts are starting to get really long!