Saturday, September 15, 2007

If that had been a pie you'd be creamed right now.

Reuben's new favorite word is"je-oy-rge." Jeoyrge means "Curious George." We have watched that movie over and over because it will calm him down, and we watch ALOT of PBS, and the ads with George make him look up and say Jeoyrge over and over and over again.

He has also started to say "kiss" which means "I am going to be so cute that you will stop what you are doing and pay some attention to me." He then puckers up his lips and waits until you are close enough for him to kiss you.

He says "Too Tou" which means "Thank you." He will quack for you, and moo for you, and bark for you, and Choo Choo for you.


Jessica said...

What about meow for you? I think you need to make sure he learns that one.

Anonymous said...

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Michael e Caroline