Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey Lady

Justin accompanied Reuben and I to Chelsea to meet our good friends. Chelsea is a nice part of town, maybe not after dark, but still. We passed a picket line in front of the Sheraton, and then found Jess. We headed back to the 1 and passed a set--a Law and Order set. We didn't see much other than some fancy cameras and a bunch of directors chairs.

We got to South Ferry, then took the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ferry. It was pretty neat. I had been warned that Lady Liberty wasn't as big as people imagined it, so maybe that is why I found it so impressive. The detail is gorgeous. I taught Reuben how to say, "Hi Lady." He waved good-bye. Ellis Island made me very glad that I was born here so I didn't have to be an immigrant. I think I would have been flagged for illness or insanity. They had to go through so much! The first thing was leave their belongings in a big pile. Having just left much of what I worked hard to get, I can't imagine having to drop off what I brought across the ocean.

On our way back to NY Reuben waved the Statue of liberty and said, "bye lady."


The Jones :) said...

LOL...that's cute Phatty!! Good job on teaching him a new phrase!! "hi & bye Lady"!! :) Look at all the fun stuff you get to see there...what a nice 'vacation'!! :)
-Becki :)

Lark said...

Really nice shoes Reuben.

Lark said...

Have a nice visit.

Every one else is wishing they could be living history like you are.

JoJo &/or Bob said...

So fun. I think New York is more exciting than DC if truth be told. (Hopefully I won't now get beat up by some die-hard DC fans.) However, where we live feels like a suburb, which has its advantages (I feel safe to go out, for one; I'm a paranoid person). Hmm...

ANYWAY, long comment, but very cute of Reuben. :)