Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tight Space

This is our bathroom, could you guess? It is a small bathroom. It is a tight bathroom.

It is a white and grey bathroom.

The tight white bathroom has a red curtain. On the other side of the red curtain is a bath tub. The bath tub is white and tight just like the bathroom.

This is our hallway. The hallway is tight. Do you see the high ceilings? Do you see the rugs? This is a doory hallway. There are eight door ways in our hallway and six doors. Reuben's bedroom door, the bathroom door, a Justin's closet door, the kitchen door way (no door), the linen closet door, the living room/master bedroom door way (no door), Brecken's closet door, and the door into the apartment.

This is our Dad doing dishes in a tight kitchen. You can see most of the kitchen, there is a fridge and a few inches of cupboards and counter, a shelf and a highchair on the other side of the kitchen.

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The Jones :) said...

LoL...I love your description...This is...and this is...and this is...almost like there's no expression!!! Funny Phatty!!! Very small and tight living space huh!! Looks like you're enjoying it though!!! Miss you :(
-Becki :)