Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Roller Slide Park

It was too cold to go swimming today. (57 degrees is heaven! but not swimming weather.) So we went for a walk around my neighborhood. We went to the bay, and then to the Roller Slide Park. This was such a fancy park when I was growing up that we went there even when we didn't live in the neighborhood. Now, it is old. The paint is chipped off, the rollers are not bright orange, but sun-cracked and brown. The digger machines are faded, the paint is not even noticeable anymore. It was kind of sad for me to realize that is what happens. You can't keep everything as fancy as it will be in your memory.
Reuben didn't seem to mind that it wasn't as fancy as I remembered it. He loved the tube slide, and went down it a couple times. He is such a busy soul, that he would run from thing to thing and play with it for a little, then struggle to get out or off and run to the next thing.

As I was walking back home, a car stopped and the lady in the passenger side said, "Say, could you tell us whereda fair grounds are?" And I couldn't remember. Which was very odd because my good friend Joe lived right over there. I could see it in my head, but had no idea how to tell someone how to get there.

I talked to Justin this morning. He said that he felt like he was in a dream. That this is so different than anything else he has done that he was having a hard time realizing it was real. He was walking to get some breakfast. He mentioned a deli first, but the first one he found didn't have anywhere to sit.
So he kept walking and found a chocolate pastry shop. He decided that would be breakfast. I didn't get to hear how it was, I'll be sure to ask when he calls next.

He said, "I bet you are dieing to see pictures." I said, "yes, yes I am."


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys. Hey don't worry I cried the night you left. If that makes you feel any better. Not as bad as the one time at girls camp when you were leaving. I was insane that night.

Anonymous said...

oh that was me, courtlin.

JoJo &/or Bob said...

It does feel dream-like moving and changing your life so drastically! I can totally relate. Here's hoping we all grow to love our respective new homes (though they certainly won't replace our old ones).