Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Mr. President,

I understand that the leader of the free world requires special security measures. But, please, Mr. President, makes those measures happen when it is not going to screw up EVERYONE else's travel arrangements.


We got to Duluth, where I found out that my flight to Minneapolis was canceled. "But, don't worry," they said, "we are going to send you on a bus." "But my flight to New York leaves at one!" I said. They put me on a 7:30 flight to JFK, and then put me on a bus. I will not go into the lack of costumer service, compassion, and hearing. (This ultimately was okay because the 1 o'clock flight was canceled.)

I was complaining to Justin on the bus, and the lady in front of me over heard. After I was done, she turned around and offered to help me any way she could. Thank you, lady from Albany, whose dad was born in Grand Rapids. When we got to the airport, she held Reub while I set up his stroller, then pulled my suitcase while I pushed the stroller and carried the car seat. She dropped me of at the ticket counter, and I was there.

Then, for some strange reason, I asked the lady behind me where she was going (she had been on the bus.) She said, "New York City." And I said, "Really? so you are on the 7:30 flight?" And she said, "No, 3:10." Well, we decided that I should ask about getting on that flight. I did, and got on it.

It turned out to be delayed due to weather, a hole in the runway, and Air Force One. We were pushed back to 4:30 because of weather and the hole. We loaded the plane, and then they decided we couldn't leave until 5:52, because of Pres. Bush's arrival to Minneapolis.

Then we FINALLY got to New York (only 4 hours late), found Justin, and got on a shuttle, despite the advice of friends. It turned out that this was pretty great. Our driver's name was Paul, from Sri Lanka, with a THICK accent. He was very nice, and very funny. I discovered that there are NO TRAFFIC LAWS in New York. Not only was it the craziest driving I have ever seen (You thought Utah was bad), but they didn't let us put Reuben's car seat in. I was scared to death. We drove through Times Square, etc. Then we got "home."

It is a very strange place. but it will soon feel like home. When we get more boxes out of the way I will post some pictures, so be on the look out.

Our adventure begins!


The Jones :) said...

YIKES!!! What an experience...and what stories to tell 30 years down the road!!! Glad you're all there and safe...and together!!! Miss you LOTS and LOTS!!! Keep in touch!!
-Becki :)

Jessica said...

Boy have you had a fun moving experience. I don't envy you, but congrats on not losing your mind. I probably would have cried for hours in frustration.