Friday, July 13, 2007

a movie I loved

It is not often that we watch a movie that I like, and when we finally do it is not often that I love it, and when we finally do it is not often that I want to watch it again. If you have seen our movie collection (DVD and VHS) you would say "what is she talking about, I guess all of those movies are Justin's" Well, I can count all my favorite movies on two hands.

We watched High Society last night which had Louis, Frankie, Bing, and Grace in it. It was fabulous! I couldn't believe I had never seen it before. The music is by Cole Porter. I like Philadelphia Story, we even own it on VHS, but the added music just made it so much better! We started watching it at 10 PM, and I stayed up through the whole thing! I highly recommend it! If you have Netflix, it is on the watch it now list... so you could watch it tonight!

In other movie news, we went to see Harry Potter 5 last night, I'll let Justin write his bit before I write mine. And we are going to the free showing of "Meet the Robinson's" tonight on BYU campus. We are going to record Monk and Psych, cause guess what, tomorrow is our last day of having cable... we figured we'd rather fight the cancellation during our last month here, then go into shock when we get to new york.

So, because I know you are dieing to know what my favorite movies are I'll include the list in alphabetical order:

big fish
finding neverland
high society
october sky
run away bride
stranger than fiction
that thing you do
toy story
while you were sleeping

Little Rascals and Muppets from Space almost make the list, but for the sake of argument cannot be included in this blog entry.


Talyn said...

Big Fish?! Big Fish?! Big Fish beats Muppets from Space?!

Jocelyn said...

I love all those movies! See, we should be friends. Oh yeah, we are. Well... uhh... good!