Thursday, July 5, 2007

LIKE a movie...Participant's Commentary

We were throwing dried corn and rice to the ducks that would swarm around the bits of grain in the dusty lot on the other side of the chain link fence. Reuben wanted to dump the whole bowl so I decided he was done with the duck feeding. He kept pointing at the mouth of the little metal garden fish and saying what sounded like "that." I had the camera and the bowl and went to the porch table to put them out of Reuben's reach. I heard the little scream and I heard exclamations of "bees"....I didn't register at first...when I turned to look it was as though I was moving in slow motion--and there around my little boy's head were the attackers. Uncle Hugh and I ran to the scene and Hugh grabbed the baby. As we ran back toward the house I felt a buzzing around my eyebrow and a sting as Hugh shouted angrily for the vermin to "shew!" We went to Walgreens to get some Benadryl and I just prayed the whole way. I though..."If Brecken has to take Reuben to the ER the car keys are still in my pocket!"--We got back to the house and as I approached from the garage I heard no sound...I rounded the corner, and there they were in the family room playing with the Noah's Ark set...and Reuben was content. I am glad that this is real life and this isn't an ending...just an event in a continual adventure...and this one turned out okay....

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