Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am not an activist but...


I like things free, and I am even willing to pay for things that I think are worth it, but I think demanding too much money for something is wrong. I have been a net radio listener for several years. I stopped "stealing" music once i found out it was illegal, and started listening to the radio online. Accuradio, and Yahoo Launch Cast being my favorite. I like to listen to the things that don't get broadcast on the radio waves like show tunes, folk/blues Americana, indie rock, jazz, and other more independent feeling music. I have been introduced to artists who I have since bought music from, and who I love.

I think it is sad that big business has won this battle. It is a little late to stop the bill, but we can still encourage a compromise! I am all for musicians being paid for their work, but I don't think that the companies should get most of the profit. I think that if the music companies get to choose who we get to listen too it will be a sad day for people like me. (both because i have a secret dream to be a musician, and also because i don't usually like the top 40.) If you listen to the radio you probably noticed that the companies control 99% of what we hear on there. Net radio still had that if they make it can play feeling. This might be extreme, but if people like me don't get involved now we could end up being very sad.

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