Thursday, February 8, 2007


I am sitting in bed, supposed to be working, but mostly thinking of other stuff. Justin is in Chicago, Reuben is asleep in his own crib. I watched the news, and that made me sad.

A house blew up in Saratoga Springs. There were two people inside, the wife/mother and the gas man. The owners had been married exactly as long as Justin and I (down to the month even). Their 18 month (5 months older than Reub) was standing outside, and was injured and is still in the hospital. The girl (wife/mother) is dead, so is the 42 year old gas man.

I usually don't watch the local news because it makes Justin mad how they always try to make news seem like it is connected to you. I like to watch the news because sometimes it is actually connected to me. (Like the time the crazy lady drove her truck into my old office building trying to run over her boyfriend).

We are no where near building, let alone owning a home. So I can't relate with losing a home. But when I heard that they had only been married for three years and almost two months I was so sad for them. I believe Justin and I are going to be together forever, not just till death... but still I'd miss him for the next 70 years while he was here refusing to die because he wants to live through Armageddon. I'd totally miss out on all the stuff Reuben is going to do. I think it is probably as sad to die as it is to have someone you love die. Sure, you get to see all the other people that have died before you, but I'd much rather spend the next 70 years with Justin then with all my dead family (no offense intended to my dead family, bless their hearts.)

Its like when Justin was working on TAFT and I went to visit grandma, and then Reuben's grandma and grandpa. It was great to be with them, but the whole time I was wishing I was with Justin.

I think that's how I know I'm in love.

happy valentine's day.

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