Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who Need's Sleep?

Its sad to realize at 4 am, that not only did your son get your good looks, but also your sleep pattern.

Justin put Reub in his crib while I was getting ready for bed. Rather than reinforce the "If I cry and scream mom will get me" we decided we would start the "lets have Reuben sleep in his own bed." The doctor said it would take three nights of screaming and crying, but if we just let him... he'd get the clue.

He screamed for 2 hours, slept for an hour and a half, and has now been screaming for the last 2 and half hours. I watched a movie, cleaned the bathroom, laid in bed, and am currently sitting on the floor next to his crib with the lap top while he reaches for me. HE WON'T LAY DOWN!

I did push him (gently) down to laying. He grabbed on to my hand with both of his and said "dah pooh." He closed his eyes long enough for me to sit down next to him, then he just woke up again and screamed. I tried to entice him to stay laying down by sticking my finger through the slat so he could hold on to it. Well he did, he just got into sitting position holding on to it.

I realized... he got my sleeping problem. I bet he is thinking so hard right now about how he wishes he was asleep, and how he feels like he is going to die, but can't seem to make himself fall asleep. Of all the things I didn't want him to inherit from me, that was on the top of my list. There have been many horrible nights.

He is quiet now. Sitting cross-legged, holding onto the slats, his head weaving back and forth. If he would lay down, I bet he could fall asleep.

He just hit his head on the slats. He must have fallen asleep... too bad he was sitting up.

He's laying down.

He's snoring.

Do I dare stop typing and crawl over to my bed? Do I dare, perchance he got my super-aware-wakeful-sleep-when-I-finally-fall-asleep sleep.

His dad can sleep through anything... hrmph.

His dad can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, or a card, or a book.

Now that he's not screaming I wonder if I can fall asleep now? I didn't the first time Reub fell asleep tonight.

I'm going to crawl... wish me luck.

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