Thursday, January 11, 2007

Emergency Room

Last night I was working, sitting in the recliner. Justin had just finished giving Reuben a bath and getting him ready for bed. If any of you have seen Reub move when he is tired you can probably guess why I'm telling this story. Reuben decided he was going to come visit me, tired as he was. So he started crawling toward the recliner, he pulled up on the side of it to get my attention and slipped. His mouth landed on the recliner handle! Justin came to comfort him, and blood was just dripping out of the little screaming mouth. It was a lot of blood, and no baby's first year is complete without a trip to the emergency room... at least that's what we thought. So we got in the car. (Good thing I had just got some cute pajamas.)

The moral of the story is... good thing we have insurance so I can have peace of mind. Every thing feels in its place, he just has a huge cut and a fat upper lip. When we got home he started throwing up the blood he had swallowed, but fell asleep. He keeps putting his fingers in his mouth, and has a runny nose, but he is happy, and talking (it sounds a little funny with the fat lip.)

We are supposed to give him Popsicles to help with the swelling... he does not like them... fruit and cold... so I have to eat it until he decides he wants some, makes his face and then watches me eat it again.

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