Thursday, October 12, 2006

Middle of the Night Musing

Reuben will be nine months old on Friday.

Justin will be taking the GRE on Friday.

I am not scared about Reuben growing up anymore. He has already grown up so much that I know it is inevitable. I do want him to sleep in his crib. I do want him to stop eating string. I do want him to stop pulling everything off the shelves.

Now, the matter of Justin growing up: I am scared of that. Not that I don't think it can happen, just that a lot depends on this growing up. There will still be schools to apply to if he does not do his best on the GRE, but it limits his options. I want to be the only factor limiting his options. I wish more schools would be like Yale and offer assistance. Too bad Yale only accepts 3 people a year for the program. Although I think Justin can do it, learning French and German in a year is a pretty tall order.

Its 4 AM... I should try to go back to bed.

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