Thursday, April 6, 2006

Growing Up

My boys are growing up!

Time is flying by... Next week Reuben will be 3 months old. He has gotten very drooly. Which makes him as cute as ever... and me just a little wetter. Justin graduates at the end of this month. He is working on "Together Again for the First Time," with weekly meetings at the production office. While I was looking for jobs that maybe I could do from home, I found out that Justin needs to get certified as an Avid Editor... that way he could get a job almost anywhere, and make twice as much as I am making right now. (Even in Iowa) "you want to live in Iowa?" you ask me. "I want to live where ever there is a job... even if it is hot hot desert hell." I answer you.

So we are taking donations for Justin to get his Avid certification. He could go to Chicago or Seattle this summer and take the classes and tests. There is an Avid education center in Edina MN, but they don't have any classes scheduled right now... sad day... I had the perfect plan of me going to visit my parents while Justin took the two day class.

What else? I am burnt out... April 26th cannot come too soon. And guess what, when Justin is in grad school and I will have to work again there are lots of jobs everywhere Justin has a hope of going to grad school. Now that I have experience they will have to come up with another reason not to hire me.

I need to find an editing job that allows me to work from home... anyone know of any? I'll take them and work so hard and good just to spite anyone who thinks I can't pull weight while I am home.

They... the unnamed source of all evil.

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